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About Us

The Imperial Foundation work for the betterment of the poor and destitute by helping them achieve socio-economic independence, self-sustainability and health. We do everything from providing educational and health services to the needy, making low-literate youth employable and empowering women. We help those in need with full respect, love and commitment, with the aim to not deliver charity but to empower them to better their own lot.
Our goals are:
To open the doors of Primary Education for "unreached children" without access to it.
To integrate children who are marginalized by poverty and lack of education into mainstream society.
To provide low-literate or illiterate youth with the power to earn a regular and decent livelihood.
To provide Health & Hygiene Services to slum children and communities.
To provide Developmental Services to slum communities, primarily by empowering women and the marginalized, and building
     awareness about the importance of education .
To prevent, detect, address and resolve health problems, increase educational achievement and enhance the quality of life of
     school-aged children and youth.
To implement cost effective and efficient health care delivery system for school going children of India and other developing nations.
To provide a platform for research in the field of school health.
To ensure follow-up arrangements along with providing services of specialists.
To make school authorities and parents aware of the health status of their children.
To provide sustainable living to under privileges women.

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